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Puppy/Kitten Care Cost

It is usually quite easy to find puppies and kittens that are looking for homes. While it may seem like a bargain to get a new pet for no or little up-front cost, how much does a “free” puppy or kitten cost during their first year of life? Since it can be difficult for a pet owner to budget the cost of preventative medical care, we’ve broken down the basic veterinary costs for a puppy and kitten during their first year.

  Kitten  Puppy 
Preventative Visits and Vaccines 



Monthly Dewormer/Flea Treatment 



FeLV (feline leukemia)/FIV test





$305 (based on a 40lb dog) 



$277 (based on a 40lb dog) 

Total Estimated Cost for the First Year

$559 – $652 

$893 – $921

This estimate does not take into account unexpected expenses such as emergency visits, which can range in cost from $150 to $1,000 or more. The cost of annual preventative medical care for an adult dog or cat, while significantly lower than that of a puppy or kitten, is still important to include in the household budget.

Cat  Dog 
Preventative Visit and Vaccines 

$82 – $118

$88 – $133

Monthly Dewormer/Flea Treatment 



Heartworm Test 



Total Estimated Cost per Year 

$322 – $358 


Again, these are estimated costs. As your pet ages, it may need additional medications and preventative visits. Our doctors also recommend regular dental cleanings for both cats and dogs; see Peaches’ Day at the Dentist for more information.