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Every pet owner knows that their dog and/or cat is required to be vaccinated against rabies. A variety of wildlife are known to carry this fatal disease. Can you identify which animals are susceptible to this disease? 


Can these baby skunks carry rabies?


How about this cute (for bat standards) bat?


Or this baby bobcat?


Or this woodchuck mama and her little ones?


Or this kitten? Could a face that cute really be connected to a deadly disease?


All of the animals pictured can carry rabies. In fact, at least one of every type of animal above has tested positive for rabies in Vermont .


While it may be easy for an adult to recognize signs of a sick animal, it is very important that children understand the dangers of pets or wildlife behaving unusually. An adult would naturally be suspicious of a very friendly raccoon seen during daylight hours - a child, on the other hand, may try to get close to the animal or even try to pet it. Several days ago, a group of children in Colorado were found playing with a bat that they discovered on the playground. The bat later died and tested positive for rabies. The scariest part of the story? Of the 13 children that came in contact with the rabid bat, only 9 have been identified so far! Teach your children to never go near or touch a wild animal, a dog or cat that they don't know (unless the owner is present), or a dead animal.